MBFW Continuing Education for Professionals

20 Continuing Education Hours
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MBFW Program overview:

Money is a complex entity, and frequently a complicated and confusing experience. Money has substantial implications and practical relevance in our lives. Money allows us to meet many of our needs and obligations, and can support us as we pursue our interests and goals.

But money is something more, more than a straightforward means to an end. Money’s nature allows it to assume the meaning we assign to it and the energy with which we endow it, and often money becomes the carrier of dreams, wishes, fears, longings and hopes. As a result money often becomes loaded emotionally, psychologically, interpersonally and socially. Entangled in these ways, the personal finance process and financial life can easily become confused, stressful, challenging and even problematic, with possible negative consequences rippling through the many interconnected dimensions of life.

However scientific research indicates that the practice of mindfulness supports development of capacities which address many of the human factors that prove complicating and problematic to healthy personal finance and financial life.

The MBFW program is a pairing of mindfulness-based practices and the framework and philosophy of the wellness model. Experiential with significant didactic elements derived from the empirical literature, the program is grounded in the principle that the development of a personal mindfulness-based practice and approach to money, personal finance and financial life is essential to effectively integrate the educational components of MBFW. Upon completion of the program, participants will have a personal foundation in mindfulness practice, and a direct understanding of the benefits of mindfulness and the applicability of mindfulness to money-related issues translatable to professional related-services and working with client populations.

This continuing education program is designed to help you:

  1. Understand mindfulness as both an inherent human capacity and a personal practice.
  2. Develop a personal mindfulness-based practice.
  3. Develop increased presence, non-reactivity, stress-reduction and compassion.
  4. Enhance intra-personal and interpersonal awareness and relational and communication skills.
  5. Recognize the benefits of mindfulness.
  6. Understand financial wellness as a dimension of the wellness framework and philosophy.
  7. Recognize scientifically-derived human factors relevant to personal finance process, financial life and financial well-being.
  8. Gain understanding of the neurobiology of financial related stress and implications of stress reactivity to financial life.
  9. Learn to mindfully utilize the facets of financial wellness in daily life.
  10. Recognize how mindfulness is supportive to the personal finance process.