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We are dedicated to helping people bring mindfulness to their financial lives in order to create true financial well-being and find greater happiness.

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What We Do

We offer the Mindfulness-Based Financial Wellness program (MBFW) as an approach to financial life and well-being. MBFW is an innovative training that helps you learn to navigate the ins and outs, ups and downs of money, personal finance and financial life. With MBFW we will show you how to use mindfulness and the principles of wellness and financial wellness as your guiding resources.

We also provide professional continuing education to financial advisors who want to learn more about mindfulness training and wellness and financial wellness. Through out CEU courses, advisors will discover how to empower their work and better serve the needs of their clients.

Explore Our Catalog of Programs

Mindfulness-Based Financial Wellness (MBFW) is our flagship program. With MBFW you’ll learn to practice mindfulness and apply it to your financial life. You will come to understand first-hand how mindfulness can support more effective personal finance, reduced financial stress, greater financial health, and enhanced well-being in each and every dimension of your life. MORE

Learn how mindfulness, the philosophy of wellness and the principles of financial wellness can empower your work as a financial advisor and add value to services you provide to your financial planning clients. We offer a range of continuing education programs, from one-hour introductory classes to our eight-week MBFW program. Each of our courses is approved for Certified Financial Planner™ CE credit. MORE

The Founder

Joe Lowrance is a clinical psychologist  in the areas of mindfulness, financial wellness, financial psychology, and personal and professional development.

What Others are Saying

I found the Mindfulness-Based Financial Wellness program to be a game-changer. The program equipped me with incredibly valuable tools which support me in living a healthy and effective financial life — Nick Fiorello, BodySciencebyNick

Joe is, by far, one of the most intentionally mindful people I know. He’s spent years practicing it in his own life, studying it in-depth, and sharing its transformational power with his clients. Well, actually, with pretty much anyone he meets. – Lisa Jordan, President/Managing Partner, Mindpower Inc.
The Mindfulness-Based Financial Wellness program is a wonderful opportunity to build mindfulness-based skills in the service of financial health and well-beingBarbara Anne Pickut, Chief of Neurology, Medical Director Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Research
Joe offers brilliant collaborative approaches to mindfulness and money stories. Engaging, extremely insightful material with richness and depth to profoundly change lives. — David Krueger MD CEO, MentorPath

The Mindful Connection

What Is Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is a fundamental dimension of the wellness framework and philosophy that can support you in leading a happier and more effective life.

More on Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an innate human capacity to be more aware of what we are experiencing inside ourselves – body, mind, heart, spirit – and around us – people, environments, situations and circumstances.

The Value of a Mindful Pause

Mindfulness helps to create and empower the space between stimulus and action. In doing so, mindfulness offers the possibility of living in response to experience rather than in reaction to it.


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