Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is a dimension of the wellness philosophy and framework that supports financial health and well-being.

Financial wellness is comprised of several different facets that can serve as useful means of evaluation and direction. Like a guiding light, a polestar in the darken night sky, financial wellness provides us ongoing orientation and guidance; a steady reference point locating where we are and indicating the best direction forward.

Financial wellness supports an ongoing, evolving process that meets the needs of the moment and encourages wellness in every dimension of our lives.

With financial wellness, we aim ourselves in a specific direction with intention, purpose, and fortitude. We put financial wellness into operation by learning to skillfully apply its framework to the circumstances and experiences of our life.

Where we are now and what actions are needed is revealed through the active and practiced application of the financial wellness framework. Even amidst life’s inevitable changes, we learn to assess, amend, adjust, refine, and grow with financial wellness providing guidance along the way.

Our experiences of money don’t exist in isolation, but are deeply interwoven into the fabric of our lives. Financial wellness reflects this reality, as it is understood as a facet embedded into the large framework of Wellness.