MBFW Continuing Education for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors play a critical role in the lives of their clients. The support and guidance advisors offer at each step of the financial planning process is often essential to a client’s financial health and welfare, their ability to meet fundamental needs and obligations, and pursue cherish interests, goals, and dreams.

We offer a catalogue of unique continuing education programs that can empower your work as a financial advisor and add value to the services you provide to your clients.

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Mindfulness-Based Financial Wellness (MBFW) Program
The MBFW program provides financial advisors a unique learning opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness first-hand, and recognize its usefulness to the financial advisement workplace and financial well-being.
Mindful Attention & Awareness Training (MAAT) Program for Financial Advisors
The MAAT program lays a thorough groundwork for participants to understand the principles of mindfulness, develop a personal meditation practice and apply mindfulness to all aspects of daily life, including the workplace.
The Mindful Financial Advisor:
Discovering a True Return on Investment with Mindfulness

The Mindful Financial Advisor Program is a two-hour, on-site continuing education program designed for Financial Advisors. The program introduces mindfulness, explains how it works and describes the benefits of mindfulness to financial advisors.
The Mindful Financial Advisor Full-Day Retreat
The Mindful Financial Advisor Retreat is a special chance to spend a full-day learning about mindfulness, practicing mindfulness techniques, and coming to understand how mindfulness can advance your work and support your life.
Financial Wellness
Framework, Philosophy & Approach to Personal Finance

The Financial Wellness Program is a one-hour, on-site continuing education program that introduces the wellness framework and philosophy to financial advisors. The course focuses on financial wellness and its applicability to the financial planning process.