Wellness is an over-arching philosophy, a way of living oriented toward optimizing health and well-being across the many dimensions of our life. Wellness is a positive, affirming, organizing value system supportive of enhanced self-care that promotes an improved quality of life, flourishing and thriving, and realizing our unique potential.

Dimensions of Wellness

Relational – Being able to develop and maintain healthy, loving, and supportive friendships and intimate relationships.

Physical – Caring for our body in order to stay healthy now  and into the future; including eating well, being  physically active, and having regular medical  review and care.

Communal – Feeling a sense of community and social connection.

Occupational – Developing career strengths, skills, interests, and values while maintaining a life-work balance.

Environmental – Being aware of how you impact and are impacted by your environment, including how safe, clean, and stimulating places and spaces promote health, learning and personal development.

Emotional – Attending constructively to our mental health and psychological health, including understanding and honoring our feelings, adjusting to  challenges, coping with stress, and appreciating and seeking the support of others as needed.

– Finding purpose, meaning, and value in our life,  developing a deep appreciation for the breadth and depth of life.

Intellectual – Valuing life-long learning, remaining curious  about what there is to learn, growing   intellectually, and responding to intellectual challenges positively.

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Wellness is grounded in the reality of our lives; it is a sincere exploration of where we are and what is happening, as well as an informed determination of what actions are needed and in alignment with our best understanding of what serves our well-being.

Multidimensional and holistic, wellness is a dynamic and targeted approach to optimal living rather than the attainment of an ideal or arrival at some final destination.

Life itself becomes our classroom, an ongoing opportunity for curiosity, study, and investigation of our daily experiences in relationship to self-care and personal wellness.